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360LAB is a collaboration of the creative minds of Lydia Sayeau, Adam Cornick and Brad Sayeau who bring decades of industry experience and expertise.
Lydia, Adam and Brad (LAB) joined forces over a desire to push their creative limits by combining their filmmaking, photography and business backgrounds into the Virtual Reality production realm. 360LAB has built an elite team that is multi-disciplined in the VR production space and traditional filmmaking, enabling the whole team to pick up and run large production projects at short notice.

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360LAB is a mixed group of carefully crafted industry professionals from across Nova Scotia. We are closely connected with the top freelancers in the Province and have the capacity to expand our resources as required. Our core team for this project consists of the following:



Lydia Sayeau is a bit of a jack of all trades, with professional degrees in both Photography and Graphic Design. Before returning to her native Nova Scotia, Lydia worked for a first-class marketing agency in downtown Toronto. Community engagement is in her blood and helping Nova Scotia businesses develop their brand is her passion. She has a knack for organization and planning, making her the perfect point person to ensure your project runs smoothly, efficiently and on budget.



As a professional photographer, Adam Cornick has forged a unique style that has seen his portfolio expand to encompass the genres of tourism, adventure lifestyle, architecture and photojournalism. He has worked with a wide range of clients in Nova Scotia and beyond and his work has been published in numerous books and magazines in multiple countries around the world. Making the transition to shooting in VR has been both exciting and rewarding.

Adam is attracted to the immersive nature of Virtual Reality, has been shooting commercial VR and 360° imagery almost extensively since 2020 and is excited to be at the forefront of this ever-emerging industry.



Brad Sayeau is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with tourism boards across Atlantic Canada and the United States. He has a knack for creatively showcasing people and places that are both visually interesting and unapologetically authentic. 

Brad has been a pioneer in 360° technology in Nova Scotia. In fact, he was on CBC Atlantic’s first 36 interview in 2015. He started experimenting with small consumer cameras before the wave of 360° videography was broadly understood by our industry. Brad is passionate about the future of VR and remains on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving technology.



Sarah is a marketing and communications professional with more than 10 years of experience working for a variety of organizations of different sizes and scopes, from a symphony orchestra to an art museum, from a mining company to a large media group. Strategic planning, project management and organizational skills are her forte, as well as her ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, combining strong attention to detail with creativity and collaboration.


Director, Camera Operator, Drone Operator, Editor

Liam Colter has been with the 360LAB team since the inception of our business. As a graduate of a Digital Media Arts program in Seattle, Washington, he has a strong background in video, audio, and photography. Liam has been applying his skills to the creation of Virtual Reality content for several years, giving businesses and brands a marketable voice in the virtual space. Whether it’s directing, shooting, editing or piloting a drone, our clients can always count on Liam to magnetically capture the tone and beauty that are the distinguishing trademarks of 360LAB.


Camera Operator, Editor

With decades of experience in traditional film and television, Tony DeCoste is quickly becoming an expert in translating his skill sets and perspective into the 360° and 180° space. He comes with the experience of working with clients of all shapes and sizes from small businesses to institutional Canadian brands like Sobeys, Foodland and Lawtons Drugs. Tony’s eye for visual imagery and detail is a perfect fit for virtual reality filmmaking.

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